Friday, August 16, 2013

Reproducing Leaders


Brothers and authors Dave and Jon Ferguson communicate a simple strategy that will engage every church leader to be a reproducing leader. 

There were many great principles in this book, but I will only share a small portion here. 

In there book Dave and Jon talk about five things they learned to becoming a reproducing organization. 

1. Reproducing requires everyone to have an apprentice. 
2. Reproducing is proactive, not reactive
3. Reproducing is not about size; it's about leader readiness. 
4. Reproducing is not about our kingdoms; it's about God's kingdom. 
5. Reproducing happens on the edge and at the center. 

Exponential lays out a brief but solid theology for a reproducing strategy, giving practical 'how-to's' for reproducing leaders, artists, groups/teams, venues, sites, churches, and networks of churches

The Principles you'll find in this book are practical and attainable for any kind of leader, and it's on my must read list.

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