Friday, August 9, 2013

Hustle versus being Busy

When I think about the word hustle my sons baseball team comes to mind.  At times they had no sense of urgency in them in at all.  As coaches we were constantly pushing them to hustle

Lora Crestan has a great definition for hustle. 
"I like to think of this as sense of urgency, action not reaction, thinking and creating instead of standing and waiting."

Do you reach out and meet people?
Do you follow up and do what you said you would do?
Do you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone?
Do you actively participate?
Are you present?

Lora Crestan says that in the world of leadership and business this is what hustle is.

Follow up Questions to ask yourself and your team:
1. Do I have that sense of urgency?
2. If not what's getting in your way? 

A common mistake we like to make is confuse busy with hustle. 
Just because you're busy does not mean your hustling. Sometimes our teams can be busy but with no sense of urgency.

I have to cut my sons baseball team some slack. They are only 7 and 8 years old. Hustle is not in their game plan yet, but it will eventually come.

Do you hustle? Does your team hustle?

Check out Lora's full article here.

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