Friday, August 2, 2013

Look For The Bright Spots

The first half of the White Sox season was hard to watch and at times there was not a lot to cheer for. When It comes down to it dismal is a good way to describe it, and the second half looks like it's going to be even worse. Every thing that could've gone wrong did. White Sox announcer Ken Harrelson said that this was the worst first-half of a White Sox season that he has ever seen.
One BIG takeaway I've leared in times like these is no matter how bad things get you need to always look for the BRIGHT SPOTS!

Truth:                                                                                                                                                     You can always find them!
You may have to think hard about it, and dig down deep, but BRIGHT SPOTS can always be identified.
Even though it was a terrible first half there were 3 bright spots for me.

1. Conor Gillaspi
2. Josh Phegley
3. Chris Sale

For some finding those bright spots will take a lot of work because that's not your natural bent, but for the sake of your business, church, family and even the teams you lead look for them anyway
You'll probably gain some new friends in the process!!

If I can find the bright spots in the dark season the White Sox are having certainly you can find those positive moments in the life you live. After all, It can't be as bad as the first half of the Sox season.

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