Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank You Sugar Grove Church

My family is extremely grateful for the 3 years we spent at Sugar Grove Church!! We came to SGC with a lot of excitement and energy hoping to make a difference. They were some of the best years of our life. SGC will always hold a very special place in my families hearts. We even have a Goshen baby to prove it. Our little sweet heart Brielle Emberlyn Koehler was born on April 19 2012. We feel like we are taking a little piece of Goshen with us. What an amazing place to serve, but maybe the best part about it was serving alongside an OUTSTANDING TEAM!! I cannot find words to express my gratitude to Rick Gering, Tony Staires, Kent Bjurstrom and John Ware. It was a thrill to serve with these guys every day. 

I want to say thank you to this faith community.
  • I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve great people.
    You have taken care of my family and loved us, and we will have wonderful memories of our time together. It was a joy serving you.
  • I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to grow professionally.
    I truly believe that God used the 3 years I served there to train and equip me for the next season of ministry. Now I get to take what I've learned and bless another faith community.
  • I'm thankful for letting me explore my creativity 
    I've learned that serving Jesus is much more fun when you live outside the box. It was a blast using the Joker, Dasher Dan and the Grinch to help kids Reach up, Reach in and Reach out!
  • I'm thankful for the opportunity to help families begin and grow a friendship with Jesus. 
    Some of my happiest memories was watching kids getting baptized or helping them cross the line of faith. That was magical!!
As one season ends and other begins here is my prayer for Sugar Grove Church.
May you understand that God wants to use His church to change and impact the World. May you place your life in the hands of Jesus who can fill you with purpose and passion. May you know that your life can change the life of another through what we call the church...THE HOPE OF THE WORLD! 

Thank you Sugar Grove Church! We are cheering you on from the northern suburbs of Chicago!


  1. Josh, you are one of the biggest reasons we kept coming back to Sugar Grove. You were amazing with our kids...coming into a new situation. They love you. You have a cool and unique way of reaching little ones. Thank you for all the lessons you taught their little hearts. Blessings to you and your adorable family. Heather Gingerich

  2. Great place! - Eric F. Koehler