Saturday, December 3, 2011

Favorite TV Actors

Who are your favorite leading characters on tv right now?
CBS has packed prime time tv this season with some amazing shows. NBC comes in second for me, but they do have in my opinion the best late night lineup with Jay Lenno and  Jimmy Fallon.

So I have laid out for you my favorite leading characters on tv at the moment. They don't go in order, but are all very intriguing in their own way.
Check them out.

Aaron Hotchner - Criminal Minds (CBS)
Horatio Caine - CSI Miami (CBS)
Olivia Benson - Law and Order Special Victims Unit (NBC)
Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods (CBS)
Mac Taylor - CSI New York (CBS)
Patrick Jane - The Mentalist (CBS)
Reese - Person - Person Of Interest (CBS)
Robert California - The Office (NBC)

My top leading character is Reese from Person Of Interest.  This guy is spectacular and the show is amazing. They are all very good, but leading the way for me would be Reese. 

Let's go back to the question I asked at the beginning of this post. 
Who are your favorite leading characters on tv right now?


  1. Kevin and I like Mac Taylor and Patrick Jane when we have a chance to watch those shows, which, I must admit, is hardly ever. We can always hope they'll be on Netflix someday so we can catch up! lol That was how we watched the "24" series, and now we're working on "Numb3rs." We are SO behind the times, aren't we? :)

  2. The great thing about Netflix is you can always catch up. Mac Taylor and Patrick Jane are great.
    Thank you for the comment.