Thursday, December 15, 2011

What does Dennis Rodman and Brian Welch have in common?

My random findings this week involved a whacked out rock star, one Chicago icon and possibly the most controversial basketball player of all time.

Are you ready for this?

Earlier this week I read an article about Micheal Jordan moving into a new home in
Palm Beach County Florida. His future neighbors did not like it because he might drop his cigars in the grass. Give me a break people this is Michael Jordan. The greatest basketball player of all time! You should be lining up asking him if you can help him move in.

Possibly the best life story I have heard in a very long time came from Brian "Head Welch a few days back. Brian was the lead guitarist for the heavy metal band "Korn." This is an amazing story of God's grace in a persons life. This is worth 8 minutes of your time.

Possibly the most controversial NBA basketball player in his day. Dennis Rodman. When he played for the Detroit Pistons the whole team was known as the "bad boys." When he put on a Chicago Bulls jersey the only thing that changed was his team name. I found his personal website this week and loved it. I love how it's clean, simple and catches your eye as soon as you jump on. I really love how his music that plays is taken from the Chicago Bulls theme music when they introduce the players. Go Bulls! Not sure about all the content so use your discretion.

So what do Brain "Head" Welch, Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan have in common?  I  have no idea, but It was fun coming a cross it this week.

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