Friday, September 16, 2011

Going Paperless

I've decided to go PAPERLESS ladies and gentlemen. I'm tired of papers piling up on my desk, more file folders then I  can shake a stick at, and sticky notes with names and numbers on them that I can't throw out.  I also have papers lying around that I'm not sure what to do with, but I'm afraid to toss them because they have information on them that I might need later.
I'm ready to be done with everything paper.

Here are some of the tools I am using to go PAPERLESS.

1. Google
This is great because I can grab my calendar, E-mail and any documents I need from one source. It's all right there.
2. Nook
I picked up the Nook color for my birthday and love it.  It is amazing. It Has some great features that make it fun, and something my kids enjoy using. They keep improving and making it better which I really like.
3. Evernote
Instead of having post-it notes everywhere I have chosen Evernote to be my source where I remember everything. Quotes, notes and ideas all can be stored on this site.
4. My Laptop
It's what I take to all my meetings, store all my files on, watch media clips, and listen to music from.

Gone are the days of Libraries, newspapers, books and papers for me. I have already seen less clutter, and I found that I am more organized because of it. 

What do you think about going paperless?


  1. It will work as long as there is not a prolonged lack of electrical power to connect your devices to. I'm semi-paperless now but any time the power has gone out I have no way to access important files/notes. But Google and Evernote are great!

  2. When electricity stops you just pack it all up and go home for the day. But you still get paid for the hours you are at home. Of course.

  3. I like the idea of going paperless...

    but I just don't think it is possible. (for me anyway!) Here are my reasons why:

    1) I use paper and pen to think. Maybe it is old-skool, but I use paper and pen to begin and organize my thoughts. So I am writing a sermon, and it always takes the form of observation and interpretation, but when I want to put together an outline for what I will say, I start with the facts. I have tried to do this with a word processor, but I feel to much pressure to spell things right, and have it organized that I don't let the thoughts flow out.

    2)I have such a variety of tasks. Because I have so many different things that happen in a day or a week, I have to have a system for taking in new tasks/ideas/ information/etc. I must have an inbox full of paper because so much of what is in there came from somebody else. Making this digital before getting it done, is counterproductive. I have found that physically handling a task via a piece of paper, gives me the feeling of a job done.

    3)Distraction. The computer is highly distracting to me. There is about a billion things that can be done one it, that don't get me any closer to getting things done!

    4) Trust. When it comes down to it, I don't completely trust computers and digital files. Anything can be lost, but it seems that digital files can be lost very easily

  4. here are some helpful tools in addition to the ones you listed:

    Dropbox: dropbox syncs files between computers using the file system that you are already used to. So, you have a project you are working on that has information and files, drop it in Dropbox and you can work on it anywhere. You have a file you want on someone else's computer where you work, drop it in a shared folder and they will only see the files you want them to see. Here is a link!

    Also Google Tasks: I just started using this to organize my master to do list. All it is a list that syncs up to everywhere. It is available in G-mail and G-Calender or as a stand alone app here ( If you use Chrome you can turn this into a desktop application...