Thursday, August 12, 2010

Families At Their Best

Who is your favorite communicator? Mine would no doubt be Bill Hybels. The guy is amazing. I was watching him the other day give a talk on "Families at their best." Loved it.
That's exactly the type of family I want, and as I work with families that's what I want for them.

Here is what I want you to do. After each characteristic give your family a grade. 1-10.
Tip - Anything below a five, and you need to seek out help in that area.

Takeaways from his talk.

Is my family working at it's best?

Top ten characteristics of a healthy family.
1. Everyone feels treasured.
2. Communicate with each other with truth and grace.
3. Celebrate each others uniqueness.
4. Vow never to intimidate, abuse, control or shame one another.
5. Common faith.
6. Respect for others.
7. Sense of responsibility.
8. Play together.
9. Have traditions and rituals.
10. Seek help. (When you need it)

Is your family working at their best?

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