Thursday, September 24, 2009

Favorite Late Night Sketches #2

Here is yet another favorite late night sketch.  This time it comes from the Jay Leno Show.  
In this sketch, the President talks about healthcare and Jay's show.

The first night's ratings were, to put it plainly, huge -- more than 18 million people is a lot in the current broadcast environment.  NBC could hardly have hoped for a more successful kickoff.  What Jay did not face on his first night was competition from the new fall shows.

With all the season premieres starting last Monday night, the Jay Leno Show was soundly smoked.  While Jay ended up with 5.67 million viewers, the season premiere of CSI Miami (CBS) brought in 13.73 million viewers.  Jay finished third in ratings that night. 

I am big fan of Jay.  Even though it is in a weird time slot, I think it has a shot of doing well.   

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