Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do You Know What You Have Done?

This clip of Emily Monforto tossing away a baseball like an old Tastykake wrapper during Tuesday's game against Washington is currently sweeping the Internet and broadcast world. Not to mention inspiring at least 842,345 people to view it on Youtube.

How would you have responded if your son or daughter threw away a foul ball that you had caught at a major league baseball game? After all, some people never get a chance to catch a foul ball.

A. You're grounded for a year young lady.
B. Maybe someone will be nice and return it to us.
C. Maybe they will feel sorry for us and give us some neat stuff.
What Really Happened...
Each of the four family members were given personalized Phillies jerseys by the team and Steve was presented a ball that was signed by Jason Werth. That's not a bad deal.

Good job to all the Philly fans who did not boo the three year old girl after she threw the ball back. I love this game!

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