Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chicago White Sox Week In Review

You have made it to the Chicago White Sox week in review post. Check out last weeks games. Mostly bad news to report this week about the Sox.

  • Won - 1

  • Lost - 5

  • The Sox this week played the Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians and the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto and Texas are both in first place in their divisions. Cleveland is dead last in the American League Central division.

  • Sox were home for one game and were on the road for five.

  • Home Record - 8-8

  • Away Record - 7-13

It's hard to pick an exciting player for this week just because they all pretty much were bad. I will choose Paul Konerko. He ended the week with ten hits, one homer and two RBIs. My disappointing player of the week is Josh Fields. He ended up with only three hits, eight strike outs and the last thirty days has batted 200.

Every major league team goes through a slump at some point during the season. We'll get past it, and hopefully turn it around this next week. Go White Sox!

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