Friday, May 15, 2009

Danny Gokey

Did Paula's song choice for Danny Gokey send him home? We may never know, but the song was not a good choice. It's funny how the judges are always telling them it's all about song choice. Apparently Paula can't get it right either. The lesson here is, practicing what you preach is a little harder said then done.

Danny's choice was phenomenal. Check it out.

Danny was asked afterwords how he felt Tuesday night when Simon was making a clear plea to vote for Adam?
Danny = It doesn’t make me mad or disappoint me. That’s who he believes is going to make money. I didn’t get into this thing for the money. I didn’t get into it for the glamorous lifestyle. But I feel like my goal is so different and it didn’t line up with what they see as a pop star. But it’s OK. It can’t be what I’m about. People can get annoyed by it.

So my pick to click was sent home. I think Danny is going to be okay. Danny said in today that he will be doing a record very soon.

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