Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life Church TV Review

Sometimes you just come across a resource that you have to get the word out about. This is actually a four week children's ministry video curriculum that Life Church TV put out a while back called "My Life." If your looking for a video curriculum that is bible based, and done with excellence then you will want to pick this up soon. In this series they actually have two kids as the main actors. They are phenomenal.
Here is a breakdown of the four week series.
Week #1 - Kid at school.
This episode deals with bullies. Jesus told us that we need to pray for those that may want to hurt us.
Week #2 - Cafeteria person
This episode deals with your temper. The best way to deal with an angry person is with gentleness
Week #3 - Teacher
Life's not fair. When we are in an unfair situation we can pray for God's guidance.
Week #4 - Kid at school
This episode is all about whining and complaining. When someone’s whining or other immature behavior is driving you nuts, a good way to handle it is to pray for them.

Did I mention that this curriculum is FREE! Just go to
You can download a whole bunch of other free resources as well.

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