Monday, January 26, 2009

White House Tradition

If you were given the chance to write a note to President
Obama before his first day of work, what would you have said?

Continuing a White House tradition, George Bush left a note in the oval office for President Barack Obama before his first day.

Dana Perino (Former White House press secretary) said last Tuesday that President Bush wishes him and his family the very best.
Is that really what George Bush wrote on that note?
Here are some other possibilities.

* The Economy. Good luck with that!!
* This is a fabulous new chapter in your life, I wish you well.
* Don't ever pardon any Senator from Illinois.
* If you ever give a press conference in Iraq, watch out for reporters that throw
shoes. It's all fun and games until a President loses an eye. No what I mean?

It just so happens I have the actual letter George Bush wrote.
Check it out.

I hope the next fours years are the best ones yet.


  1. Love the letter from George W., that was great!