Friday, February 6, 2009


When you think of great teams who comes to your mind? Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago White Sox, Boston Celtics.
What makes them such a great team?

I am very blessed to work on a great team at Grace Church. This week Brian, Duane, Justin and I jumped in a van and headed south to Tennessee to film the next Big Idea series at our church. We also took Austin Ray with us who volunteered his time, and took time off of work to help us out. It was a phenomenal week! I am very blessed.
Here is why I think we have such a great team at Grace.

1. We have a lot of fun.
2. We are very creative and productive.
3. We know when to be serious and work hard.
4. We enjoy being around each other.
5. We always want to help each other prosper and do well.
6. We have a lot of great memories to look back on.

Those are some things that are a part of our team at Grace. Were any of those things on your list?

Our five week children's curriculum that we filmed is beyond good, it's going to be great!
Check back soon for some good video.


  1. What a team! And you're all just so cute too! Thanks for taking Austin.

  2. He was a huge help to us. Brian and Duane really enjoyed having him around. Thank you for letting him go.