Monday, January 19, 2009


Hillsong Kids released a brand new multimedia curriculum in December called BIG.
We have been using it for the last two weeks, so I thought I would pass on my review.

What I Like:

The Packaging - Is great. The way they designed it is unique, and it was something that jumped out to me as soon as I got it.

The Imaging - The best I have seen. The imaging they used was not from the days of Sunday School. It had a fresh hot look to it.

The Small Group Material - has more then enough options to work with. You never will find yourself trying to fill time. The small group material does a great job of reinforcing what was taught on the big screen. The activity sheets are excellent.

The Worship - Is current! No father Abraham on this album. They also provide you with motions to all the songs.

The Multimedia Teaching - The excellence factor is very high. The acting is better then most. Driving home the Big Idea they do very well.

The Price - Can't be beat. Very affordable.

My Thoughts:

1.BIG Quiz.
Was a little short. Three or four more questions would be great.
2.The formatting.
Being able to adjust the small group material to fit your groups needs would be helpful.
3. Parents.
The take home sheets are great. Not sure if they actually make it home so the parents can work on it with them.
If you are looking for something that is done with excellence, and affordable then you can't go wrong with this curriculum. I am looking forward to the next series they come out with.

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