Wednesday, January 14, 2009

White Sox Bring Back Colon

A Major League source confirmed to on Wednesday night that the White Sox and Colon had agreed on a one-year deal. I am guessing that with the trade of Javier Vazquez the Sox will need someone to eat up some innings. Bartolo could be that guy.

Kenny Williams said:
"We couldn't find him. His agent couldn't find him," said Williams. "The offer was designed to get him into the mix and create some competition, not saying he would get the job. He didn't seem very interested in such a deal."

Ozzie Guuillen said:
"If we think we're going to bring in Colon to make us better, of course they're going to do it," Guillen said last February. "But the competition is already there, and I think we have a lot of good arms here to compete."

What if...
What if Bartolo Colon is another diamond that Kenny Williams pulls out of his bag?
What if Bartolo Colon can stay healthy for most of the season?
What if Bartolo Colon can come close to his 2005 Cy Young season?

It's all a lot of what ifs for Bartolo Colon, but if he can actually win a spot on the rotation and stay healthy that's just another added bonus for the White Sox this year.
Either way this move will not make or brake the Sox.

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