Friday, July 25, 2014

Can the World Cup teach us anything about starting something new?

I'm not a soccer fan at all. I'll be honest here. I did not watch a second of the World Cup.  I've never even had a desire to play it, so when I came across this article that had to do with soccer I was ready to skip past it like I normally do. 
Then I saw "5 lessons Entrepreneurs can learn from the World Cup" I decided to see what it was about, and I'm glad I did.

Believe it or not we can actually learn something from soccer and the World Cup. 
  • Talent does not always win. 
Spain won it 4 years ago, and expected to go deep this time around, but they lost to the Netherlands, and two more after that.
The article goes on to say that the lesson we can learn is that talent alone doesn’t guarantee success. It takes more such as effort, innovation and strategy and things like that.
  • The underdog has a role on the big stage.
A lot of the 16 teams that remained on the big stage were not the World's best. The U.S. was one of those teams that had teams like Germany (winners of the World Cup) come out of the same group, and they still came out ahead of some of them. (Italy, Spain)
This should encourage those that are starting something new. You can provide value even if you are the little guy. 

You can find the other 3 lessons by clicking here. 

So weather you're a soccer fan or not there are definitely some lessons we can learn from the World Cup! 

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