Friday, June 27, 2014

4x4 Goals

How do you set your goals?
How does your organization set goals?
Do you have a system in which to accomplish those in?

A while back I sat down with our lead pastor to work on some of these things for this next season of ministry.

The system that we are implementing now to accomplish this is called the 4x4.
The purpose of the 4x4 is to identify the four.

The purpose of the 4x4 is to identify PROJECTS/TASKS/PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT opportunities that will have the most significant impact on moving the needle for the cause and in your position or with you department leadership.

Here are some of the things The 4X4 should be:
  • Specific, Measurable, Attainable.
  • Provide significant movement toward department goals. 
  • Should be a top priority.
What is the top Leader of your organization doing to make you better?
I'm very thankful and appreciative for a leader that I serve with that is consistently trying to help me and our organization get to that next level.

I love this new way of attacking the next four months.

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