Friday, November 15, 2013

The Power Of A Hand Written Note

When was the last time you received a hand written note? Do you recall when that even happened? Those facebook messages and e-mail notes are pretty awesome, but that moment you open a hand written letter is not easily forgotten. Anymore hand written notes are very rare, but I believe more important than ever.

I was reminded of this the other week when I grabbed a pen and some note cards and began to write some thank you notes to some very helpful and inspiring volunteers.

Back in 2010 the post office did their annual survey, and they found that the typical home received a letter once every seven weeks. Seven weeks!

Why are hand written notes so rare?
I believe they are unique in several ways.

1. They build relationships
Rhonda Basler in her post The power of a hand written note says "hand written notes, like relationships are unique as well, providing a level of intimacy unlike e-communicaitons."
I have found when people have been on the receiving end of one of my hand written notes it makes them feel appreciated and valued even more than a text or e-mail. When they see you in the hall or by the water cooler they make it a point to shake your hand, and say Thank You. For whatever reason you can send that same note by e-mail or even facebook and not get that same response.

2. They set you apart
The hand written note sets you apart from other companies and individuals who prefer to send it through other forms of communication. I believe it sets you apart as thoughtful and appreciative. You actually sat down and took the time to go the extra mile. Now days to rise above your competition you should be looking for things that set you apart from everyone else. The hand written note can do just that.

3. They are more appreciative in nature
Letters or notes are great for communicating to people that you care about them. Majority of the time when I write a note to someone it's not asking for something, but it's to thank them or praise them for something they said or done. On the other hand, when you write an  e-mail or reach out through facebook typically it's to ask for something.

Spending some time sending something that is hand written means a lot to the receiver, and reflects well on the sender.

So the next time you want to show appreciation to someone remember how powerful a hand written note can really be.

There might not be anything more powerful than words on a page.

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