Friday, December 21, 2012

After Tragedy, Ask, What Can We Do Now.

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14 was horrible, evil, and heart breaking. A lot of people right now are asking "Why." But there is no way of really answering that. We simply don't know.

So what can we do after a tragedy like this?
I was reading a great blog post from Ed Stetzer that gives us three practical ways we can respond to this tragedy.

1. We can PRAY:
Pray for the hurting families who had their children ripped from them.
2. Don't be afraid to say that the World is horribly broken.
This brokenness is all around us. Evil is real, bad people are doing horrible things. The World is really broken.
3. Do something.
Hug your kids. Respond to this evil by doing something good. Join Jesus on this mission.

Ed goes on to say that we can't fix everything, but we can do something.
After this tragedy, don't ask why, instead pray, admit the World is broken and do something.

I am Praying for God's goodness, and favor on the families of Newtown Connecticut.


  1. Awesome post Josh! Wise words! Thank you!

  2. Awesome post Josh! Wise words! Thank you!