Friday, September 14, 2012

What Separates You From The Crowd

What is the one thing that you do better then anyone else? I was reading a great piece a while back about how to stand out from the crowd. Of course it caught my attention right away because I am always looking for ways to do just that.

For instance, if you were to ask that question to Usain Bolt he would probably tell you that he runs faster then anyone in the World. No one better.

How would the 2012 gold medal women's gymnastics team answer that question.
I'm sure they would tell you that they did gymnastics better then any other team in London. They have GOLD to prove it.

In this article it goes on to say there are three unique steps you can take to bring unique value to what you do. 

1. Identify Your Strengths
Many people don't have a good understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, or personality traits that help or hinder their success.
It goes on to give you a few assessments that you can take to help you discover what motivates you. 

Find out the other two steps that will help you bring unique value to your work by reading the rest of his article It's a great read. 

Randy Conley goes on to say discovering your strengths and learning how to use them in combination with your personality is an evolutionary journey.

The tool that I really found helpful when it comes to discovering your strengths is Strengths Finder 2.0. Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton have created a revolutionary program to help people identify their talents, build them into strengths, and enjoy consistent, near perfect performance. I highly recommend this tool.    

May we all find that higher level of fulfillment and success in our work. 

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