Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Creativity Brings Joy

The EvelinaChildren’s Hospital in London was designed around the needs of children and their families, but wait till you hear about the gifted approach they take to put smiles on children’s faces. It’s nothing new that they are trying, but they take this familiar idea to a whole new level. There tag line is “The Evelina Children’s Hospital designed by children, for children.”

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the hospital is the window washers. As part of their contract, Evelina requires that hospital window washers dress up as superheroes while cleaning the hospital windows. Bedridden, sick children delight in seeing Superman, Spiderman and Batman dangling just beyond the glass. The window washers report the superhero visits to Evelina are the highlight of their week. 

What a brilliant approach to taking care of children and families who are hurting. I can’t even imagine the joy it brings to kids.

I have to give a big salute this week to them for taking a creative approach to their organization.

That made me stop and think. What simple every day ideas can I take and put a creative twist on? Window washing is not a new idea, but this hospital took a simple concept and made it SHINE.

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