Friday, April 8, 2011

Men's Ministry

When it comes to creating an awesome ministry for men it's tough to do. Here are a couple of observations I have had in the last couple of years about men's ministry.

1. Sports.
Most men enjoy sports. Grace Church in Joliet Illinois has a great sports program for men. Through softball and basketball they are able to reach a lot of men who would not normally connect with church. A sports ministry is a great access point to introduce men to church, or even bring them back to church. 
2. Outdoorsmen
Sugar Grove Church pulls off an event each year called the "Outdoorsmen." It is a hunting and fishing gathering designed for men. It works great for SGC because in this area hunting and fishing is BIG. 300 + men show up to this event each year.

Questions for you:
1.Would some type of sports ministry would work in your area? What sport(s) do the men in your area get into?
2.What about creating a sports ministry for kids? I've also seen that pull in a lot of men. All dads think their son is the next Nolan Ryan or Michael Jordan.
3.What is the BIG DEAL in your area that men really get into? For us it's hunting and fishing. For you it might be lawn and garden. Maybe it's cars or how about tools.  What is the niche that would pull in men in your area?

Whatever it is, find it, do it and knock it out of the park.

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