Sunday, January 2, 2011

Live Big

The theme we had as a church for 2010 was "Live Big." We've been doing that through missions trips, baptisms, events, volunteering and people giving there life to Jesus.
The live big event I would like to highlight is a recent one we did at Christmas time.

Sugar Grove Church was involved in a project called
"West Goshen Elementary Christmas Child."

The people of SGC filled shoe boxes with Christmas presents for every child who attended the West Goshen Elementary School. (Over 400 shoe boxes) Some of these kids we were told would not have opened any gifts at all this year. It was amazing! It was a great opportunity for our church to give back to the community.
The response from the school staff was special. Here is what Jodie Lantz said about this project.

The gift giving was a huge success! The kids were so excited – it was awesome to see the excitement on their faces!! Thanks again!
Jodie Lantz
West Goshen Elementary

It was a spectacular 2010.
We're heading into 2011 looking to live even bigger!

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