Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why My Family loves Halloween

What is your greatest memory of Halloween growing up? We are a week and two days away from trick or treating and I seem to enjoy it more and more each year. I think it might be because my kids really get into it.
The national retail federation projects that Americans will spend five point eight billion dollars this year on Halloween. That is up eighteen percent from last year. Decorating for Halloween is second only to Christmas.

Here are the four reasons why my family loves Halloween.
  • We get a chance to go out and socialize with our neighbors.
  • Love watching my kids decide on what costume they will wear. Then love watching them go door to door saying the words "trick or treat."
  • Love seeing them come home after a night of collecting candy and start trading with each other for better pieces.
  • It's a great family event that we can all do together.
Tony Morgan said this about Halloween.
Until someone comes up with a alternative holiday where I get to connect with my neighbors and enjoy quality family time, I’m going to be a fan of Halloween.

Could not agree more.

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