Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Recap From Community Christian (Yellow Box)

The "Yellow Box" is what they like to call Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois. The 11:00 am service was, once again, the one we picked to attend. With three kids, it's just a whole lot easier getting to the late service. Here is a little recap from our visit to the "Yellow Box."

FAITHWERKS - Scripture
Shawn Williams
Psalm 19:7-8
Big Idea - We hear from God when we read and study the Bible with others in community.
* Every person is developing spiritually.
* We are either taking steps towards God or building barriers to His work in our life.
* The Bible is God's revelation.
* The Bible is an epic story.
* The best life lived is a life lived within certain boundaries.
* Immerse yourself in scripture.
* Find a version of the Bible that works best for you.
* Find a time to read scripture that works best for you.
* All scripture is inspired by God, but not all scripture in inspiring.
* Experience scripture in community.
* It's got to get in you in order for it to get through you.
* Ask your family to join you.
* The person of Christ restores people.
* We tend to live vicariously through someone else's experience.

On Sunday, the church announced that Shawn Williams would be the new campus pastor for the Naperville site. He was really excited, and the people who were at the 11:00 am service responded very enthusiastically. It was a pretty cool moment.
They really did a great job with the use of video during the worship experience. It was funny, engaging and really drove home the big idea. I'm glad I had the opportunity to experience the "Yellow Box" with my family.

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  1. I'm glad you guys got to go to the YB! Hopefully Community treated you nicely!