Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Is Your Worst Fear?

Do you remember what happened on December 7 1941?
The United States Of American was suddenly and deliberately attacked by Japan. That was indeed a dark and gloomy day in American history.

There have been many a dark, gloomy days in the history of mankind, and maybe you are walking through one of those right now.
I actually just came through one of those gloomy seasons of life. The gloom for me was a loss of a job that I really loved. During that time I found a verse in the bible that gave me strength and confidence to make it through.

Taken right from
Isaiah 41:10 in the bible.

God Says -
Fear not I am with you.
- We never have to fear because God is with us
- God will always be there for us.

Fear not I will strengthen you.
- God actually gives us the strength to do a task.
- God is our fortress. In Him we have all the power we will ever need.

Fear not I will help you.
- in verses 10 - 12 God says I will give you my physical power, then help you use it.
- God will roll up his sleeves and go to bat for us.

What do you fear today?
No matter how scary the situation you might find ourself in, God says to us,
Fear Not

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  1. AMEN and Hallelujah for a God who brings us through!!!!