Friday, April 3, 2009

Danny Gokey Top 9

So this week Danny Gokey sang "What Hurts the Most" from Rascal Flatts.

Paula says you thrived from the first note.
Simon says "it was your best performance" so far, so much better it was "like two snails competing with a racehorse."
Randy liked the vocals and the choice, but wants him to swagger around the stage more (no, don't do that!)
"Ignore what he says," says Simon. Ha! Then
Kara says "you moved everyone in this room, emotionally." I think that's a bit overstating it; he wasn't great, just stripped away all the distracting bad stuff.

Who was your favorite this past week?


  1. Danny's my favorite, but Adam... I mean, really... that boy can sing! I can't handle the black nail polish though.

  2. I think it will be Adam and Danny in the final. I don't think anybody else has a chance.

  3. I think you're both right!!