Monday, March 30, 2009

The Compliment Guys

Who was the last person you payed a compliment to? This video that you are about to see hits real close to home. Brett Westcott one of the compliment guys is from Plainfield Illinois where my wife was born and raised. Cameron Brown from Toledo, and Brett Westcott stand outside every Wednesday on the campus of Purdue university and throw out compliments to everybody that passes by. They said they do it because they want to make America better.


Everybody loves a good compliment. If I was a student at Purdue University I would make a point every Wednesday to walk past the compliment guys. This story reminds me how important compliments are. I need to be complimenting people on a regular basis.
Who are you going to compliment today?


  1. Very nice find Josh. encouraging I must say

  2. Love That... what a great idea. Maybe we should try that at... church????