Sunday, December 21, 2008

What does a Millionaire, a late night talk show host, and a Illinois governor have in common

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at these three guys?

Connan O'brien
1. Late night TV host? 2. The guy who is replacing Jay Lenno? 3. A really tall giant 4. ?

Donald Trump
1. Multimillionaire 2. Married way out of his league 3. The Apprentice 4. ?

Rod Blagojevich
1. Illinois scandal 2. Illinois 3. Bad politics 4.?

Did I leave anything out? What is the fourth and final element that these guys have in common that I did not mention. Go ahead and post it here.


  1. Call 630-552-1899 for an out of this world haircut from amazing Tammy. She'll fix em' all right up. Hysterical pictures for a Monday!

  2. It's a little disapointing to see Conan in this group of "bad hair" types. It's a perfectly coifed hairstyle that doesn't belong with Blago and The Donald!

  3. Their way out, wacky, weird hairdon'ts!!!!