Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everybody loves Raymond

I love things that are Over The Top! Ministries, families, TV shows, baseball games and things of that nature. My nephew Austin had one of those over the top experiences that he blogged about the other day. You can find his whole post on his blog http://smokinaustin.blogspot.com/

Check out the volunteer from his church http://www.communitychristian.org/ who got a bunch of high school guys together on a Saturday and went above and beyond what he ever had to. Then check out my 16 year old nephew who decided to give up his Saturday and help out a guy who he never met before. This story encourages me to show more compassion. Make sure you check out the story.
It will make you want to go out and find a Raymond!

It's definitely over the top!
Way to go Austin!

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  1. Wow, thanks Josh! appreciate the love! I got a little call from the campus pastor yesterday.. I assume that was your doing? I really appreciate your encouragement.