Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Productivity Lifesaver - Yesterbox

If you Google tips to empty your inbox you will find about 5,350,00 results. There are countless tips on how to get your inbox to zero.

When it comes to your E-mail it often times seems like there is never a sense of completion. Just when you think you might be getting a handle on it five more E-mails come in that want immediate response. As soon as you respond to those three more responses come back.
So the goal of having zero in your inbox seems out of reach. I don't know about you, but I  have a difficult time trying to empty that thing.

Then I came across this Email treat from Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos. 
He recently did an interview where he lays out his system for creating zero in his inbox.

He says that your to do list each day is simply yesterday's e-mail inbox. His system he calls Yesterbox.  He also passed on some other valuable information as well.

  • For E-mails that can wait, and have no real deadline, send those to another personal E-mail address. 
  • You're only allowed to do the following with "today's" e-mails. 
  • Set a recurring appointment to go through yesterday's inbox daily.
  • If you come across an e-mail that takes longer then ten minutes to respond to you should file it away, and then schedule a time later to respond to it. 
You can check out the whole INTERVIEW HERE.

Even though Tony runs the largest e-commerce site focusing on footwear in the U.S., he apparently has no interest in shoes. 

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