Friday, March 28, 2014

Tips on how to dress up for those important occasions

Have you ever had an event come up like a funeral, wedding, graduation or party? We all have!
Depending on the season we may have multiple events like these come up. Unfortunately, a while back I attended not one funeral but two in a matter of a couple of weeks. So the question of                       how should I dress for this moment was at the front and center.
Whether you like to dress up or not there will be certain events in a mans life that will ask you to doll oneself up.

Did you know that there are written and unwritten laws on how to dress accordingly for a number of different occasions.
In the introduction article How to dress up according to life's events. Antonio Centeno gives us some great advice on how to properly dress for these occasions.

Listen carefully. A man's professional presentation is a reflection of the respect he shows to those around him.

Have you heard that it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Antonio's advice is simply to dress perfectly for the experience.

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