Friday, February 28, 2014

The Decision Maker

I finished my first book for 2014!  It was an enjoyable read, and I found it to be very helpful.  In The Decision Maker by Dennis Bakke, he shares how to unlock the potential of everyone in your organization based on the belief that people are unique, creative thinkers, capable of learning, and up for a challenge.  If you’re leading people, but find yourself making too many decisions that could be effectively made by others, this is a great read.  It provides terrific information on distributing decisions and inviting more people to be part of the process.


  • Nothing tells you more about an organization than the way it makes decisions. 
  • Nothing affects an organization more than the decisions the people in it make.
  • Decision making is simply the best way in the World to develop people.
  • When leaders put control in the hands of their people, at all levels, they unlock incalculable potential. 
  • We talk a lot about teamwork. But in most of the business world, the people who should be coaching are actually trying to play all of the positions. 
  • It's the quality of decisions that determine the success or failure of any organization. 
Unlock the potential of everyone in your organization, one decision at a time.

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