Friday, November 30, 2012

Lessons I learned From The President Of Cinnabon

Cinnabon president Kat Cole has worked hard to expand the Cinnabon brand, not just to new locations, but through cross branding as well. Before they really turn up the heat, with the next round of new products and ideas, this CEO wants to make sure that everything that’s been rolled out so far is being executed properly and that everything is headed in the right direction. I love watching and learning from high capacity people. I was able to catch Undercover Boss  a while back, and saw Kat Cole go undercover in the business she leads every day.  

Here are some of the things I picked up from Kat that I believe makes her a great leader. 

1. Great leaders are generous. (definitely not my strongest virtue) 
2. Great leaders care about, and put people first above everything.
3. Great leaders see potential in people, and then give them a shot to change the World.
4. Great leaders have an attitude of thankfulness.
5. Great leaders take risks.

I have to keep working on the generosity piece as I lead. Out of those four which one do you need to grow and improve on?

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