Friday, March 23, 2012

Family Getaways

Where is your favorite getaway spot that you like to take your family? I was reading this week in "Bringing up Girls" that one of the things dads should do is this. "Dad's should take girls out of town to somewhere she's never been at least once a year. This will develop her sense of adventure." I believe this not only applies to girls, but this is good to do with the whole family.

My family did just that a couple of weeks ago. We took an adventure to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky Ohio. I love adventure. It's full of surprises and fun, and you never know what will be around the corner. Love it!

While on this family adventure we discovered...
> A lot of guys with tattoos. (A lot)
> Life Guards who take their job very seriously. (I appreciate the passion)
> The mascot for Great Wolf Lodge (Wiley) was awesome. (Beautiful costume)

It was also the last time we will take an adventure like this with a family of 5. Next time it will be with six.
What type of adventures do you like to take your family on?

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