Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorite Slogans Of 2012

What is the best slogan you have ever heard?  Here are some I like.

Chuck E. Cheese - "Where a kid can be a kid." 
NBA - "Where amazing happens." 
Chicago White Sox - "All in." (2011)
Koehler Family - "Make the wise choice." (2012)

I like slogans because it gives you something to aim for.
I was really excited about the White Sox slogan going into last season. (All In) Long story short, they did not live up to that phrase at all.

This year though the White Sox slogan is "Appreciate the game." Really? That's not inspiring at all.That communicates to me that they will put the best players they can on the field and hope for the best.

I am excited however about the Koehler family slogan for this year. "Make the wise choice."  In 2012 my family will approach life with that slogan in mind. Whether it's in little ways or big ways, my wife and I along with our kids want to make the wise choice in everything we do.  Unlike the White Sox in 2011 we will live up to ours.

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