Friday, August 19, 2011

At Random

The idea for the At Random blog post this week comes from my brothers blog over at Destinationkoehler. I can't take full credit for it, but I really liked the idea so here goes.

  • Koehler cousins had a chance to hang out this week.
  • I love this commercial by Comcast. Great tune.  Xfinity Commercial
  • I was able to beat my nephews Cameron and Chandler in a game of PIG. I did it in dress shoes.
  • I cooked my best cheeseburger on the grill this summer. Medium rare and still bleeding. Magical.
  • Watched a great talk this week on "Why we gather." by Tim Mackie. I like his style.
  • Favorite quote of the week. "No one church can be a one size fits all and that's okay."
  • Seems like the only way the Chinese can play basketball is this way. CRAZY
  • The last seven days Adam Dunn is hitting 374.  YES!
That's At Random for me.

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