Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is My House Worth 49 Million?

Joe and Jennifer Montana's idea of simple.
Would you call a 500 acre, 9,700 square foot retreat home simple?  That's the words Joe and Jennifer Montana use about their home they are now trying to sell.  
It's so big it covers two counties, and the best part about it is they are only asking for 49 million dollars.  
     Here's my idea of simple.  

That's my house, and it's for sale.  It doe's not sit on 500 acres, and I have nowhere close to 9,700 square feet of living space, but It does have a new park for the kids and a great club house with a swimming pool.  That's my idea of simple.  

No ones right or wrong here, just two different perspectives of what simple is to them.

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