Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road Trip

Here's a look back at the last road trip the White Sox just came off of. Not one they will want to remember.

Opponents - Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins. (Central Division Teams)
Record - 1-5
Total Runs Scored - 17
Runs Allowed - 26
Errors Committed - 8
Traded - Brian Anderson to the Boston Red Sox for Mark Kotsay.

The Sox are number #2 in the American League in errors this season with 76. Seattle Mariners are #1, and the Kansas City Royals are #3 with 75.

In the Minnesota series we beat ourselves two out of the three games.
The Hawk said he is more worried about the Sox beating themselves then he is about the Tigers or the Twins.

Life does not get any easier at home. We know take on the red hot first place Yankees. Go Sox!!

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