Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inside The Magic Kingdom Review

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What is the last book you read that you really enjoyed? I just finished up a great read called "Inside The Magic Kingdom" by Tom Connellan.

This book is all about the ability to keep customers coming back again and again. 70 percent of Magic Kingdom guests are return visitors.

In this book they highlighted seven keys to Disney's success.

1. The competition is anyone the customer compares you with. Your competition is anyone who raises customer expectations

2. Pay fantastic attention to detail. The goal is to have the park looking fresh every morning.

3. Everyone walks the talk. Every time a customer comes in contact with your company, you have an opportunity to create value. Capitalize on that opportunity and you win. Waste it and you lose. It's as simple as that.

4. Everything walks the talk. Everything walking the talk does affect the guest's experience, but in ways he or she is frequently not aware of.

5. Customers are best heard through many ears. If you overlook information from employees, you overlook probably the most valuable source of customer information you have.

6. Reward, recognize, and celebrate. Most people understand positive feedback even though they don't practice it enough. And most people understand the negative impact of negative feedback.

7. Xvxryonx makxs a diffxrxncx. To achieve good teamwork and optimize customer loyalty, you have to break down the silos.

No gimmicks or prizes, just straight up great customer service. It's a great read and well worth your time.

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  1. Sounds like a great book! I have to say I'm part of the 30% non-returning Disneyites... due in large part to the $1000 plus price tag. Otherwise I'd go back on a day when it wasn't 104 degrees...painful. I especially like #2 and #6.