Friday, April 17, 2009

Danny Gokey Top 7

This week because of time restraints they only had two judges give a review of the song instead of all four. I guess they all talked to much last week.
Paula said
she initially wasn’t sure about the key change, but he pulled it together midway through the end. She says the magic is in the tambor of his voice. He grabs them in the beginning, wows them in the middle, and slays them in the end, Paula says.
Simon said
he can’t fault the way Danny sang the song, but was disappointed with the traditional version. He compared it to last year when David did the same thing, but gave it his own twist. Simon did, however, give him a pat on the back for doing the emotional song.

I actually preferred Adam's song "Born to be wild" this week over Danny's. I'm hoping Danny will try something edgy and wild this next week.

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