Friday, April 24, 2009

Hannah Montanna Movie Review

So my wife and I took our daughter to see the Hannah Montana movie for her birthday. It really was a great show.

Story line:
The story line for this movie I thought was good. I won't tell you what happened, but the plot of the movie you won't expect. The movie does contain a couple of kisses and a good portion of the plot focuses on the connection between Miley and Travis, and her father's budding relationship with the lovely Lorelai.

The Music:
Was outstanding. Sometimes you buy an album for one or two songs. This album you will want to buy for all the songs. My favorite song was Hoe Down Throw Down.

If your kids our into Hannah Montana they will love this movie. It was 112 minutes long, and my six year old daughter did not mind at all. It captivated her attention the whole time . It's an excellent thing to take your daughter(s) to if you have some time.

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  1. Thank you very much uncle josh :-)