Monday, October 6, 2008

Rays 6, White Sox 2

Game 1
CWS 4 @ TB 6
Game 2
CWS 2 @ TB 6
Game 3
TB 3 @ CWS 5
Game 4
TB 6 @ CWS 2

After winning one must-win game after another over the past week and a half, the White Sox finally ran out of gas in Game 4 of the ALDS. The White Sox were good but the the Rays were much better. The Rays are having a season like the White Sox did back in 05 when they won the World Series. They have speed, Power, and everything is going there way.
The only good news about this is, there are 22 other teams who went home before us.

1. Josh's MVP Pick:
Carlos Quientin

2. Josh's Suprise Player:
Alexei Ramirez

3. Josh's Most Disapointing Player:
Joe Crede

Josh's favorite Pitcher:
Johnny Danks

Already looking forward to the 09/10 season!
We'll be back, go Sox!


  1. Sorry about that loss Josh! But you have to love the "Rays"...don't you? I love their jerseys!

  2. I have to agree with 3 of 4, the only one being, Most dissappointing player, I think you could give it to a few guys but... Nick Swisher was terrible all year long hitting, and they gave up some talent for him, although crede was bad too... nice year though, now go get Figgins!

  3. You sure are a diehard Sox fan!!! At least the got to play 2 games :-)