Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Iron Man

Last night I saw "Iron Man." I think it lived up to all the hype. If I were to rate it from one - ten I would give it a seven and a half.
Robert Downey JR Gwyneth Paltrow, were outstanding. "Iron Man" was the 10th biggest opening of all time and the fourth biggest for a superhero movie. Among nonsequels, it came in behind only the first "Spider-Man," which premiered with $114.8 million.

I am not into sci fi movies at all. I won't even watch them if I know they are like that. What was great about this movie was, it still pulled me in and kept me watching even though sci fi was a part of it. Nicely dun.

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  1. wow josh! you can blog about anything and still be somewhat right! nice job!... now to work on youre fantasy baseball skill.....