Friday, April 25, 2008

Late Night

We know who is taking over the Tonight Show for Jay Lenno in 2009. The floppy red haired man Connan O'brian. I think that is a great choice.

I like this move by NBC because it is risky.
Connan O'brian will absolutly bring a different look and feel to the Tonight Show. With the competition with CBS and David Letterman you don't want to hurt the #1 late night talk show.

We know who is replacing Jay Leno, but who is replacing Connan O'brian? How's this for a weekend update: Jimmy Fallon's succession of Conan O'Brien's late-night throne looks to be a done deal.

While Fallon has been the front-runner (and pretty much the only one—apologies, Carson Daly) to succeed the flame-haired funnyman in the post-Tonight Show slot come 2009, NBC has stayed mum on who O'Brien's late-night heir-apparent would be.
But while the Peacock remains gagged, both the Hollywood Reporter and Variety are reporting that Fallon has already signed on the dotted line. The network itself has yet to comment and will likely wait to confirm the news at their upfront presentation in New York May 12.

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